Back of the envelope

Discoveries with paper and line drawing

A preloved paper project,, drawn on old envelopes by Mandy Cleveland

Sunnybank Mills Gallery

Contemporary Art on paper at Sunnybank Mills Gallery in Leeds by artist Mandy Cleveland
Works on Pre-loved Paper

All manner of things

Over the past few months I have been drawing all manner of things, things that seem poignant at the time, a buttercup, a patch of grass, a chair and memories. Connected to whatever I’m mulling over sometimes just trying to create a feeling through drawing. Isolation as a huge effect on the brain and nervous […]


Sometimes larger pieces of work are made from multiple envelopes and bits of this and that, large collages with hand drawing maybe some print and use of thread. I have been meaning to photograph some of these works for sometime to share on my blog The piece above is called Moths and depicts moths flying […]


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