All manner of things

Over the past few months I have been drawing all manner of things, things that seem poignant at the time, a buttercup, a patch of grass, a chair and memories. Connected to whatever I’m mulling over sometimes just trying to create a feeling through drawing.

Isolation as a huge effect on the brain and nervous system, I’m not saying anything new here I’m not that cut off, I still have to go out to do the school drop off, shopping, mainly working from home but I think lack of interaction is not having an enormously positive affect on me, but we have to do it.

As part of my work it’s important to connect through social media and post things about my work but I feel such a sense of anxiety about it that it’s very difficult at times to do it. So this week I’m trying to ignore my own uncertainty and make a few posts …I wonder if I would’ve been better at actually writing letters and putting them in the post I doubt it, they probably would’ve just ended up discarded in a bag somewhere.

The small works below are created for my Covid19 commission for Salford University Art Collection they’re not finished in these photographs they’re more complete now I’ve added colours using transfer techniques

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