Covid19 current times, we’ve have all been living, a lot more than usual, within our four walls. I wanted to illustrate that by doing some drawings about those moments when we would be doing things in our homes, shopping online, staring into space, reading, scrolling on social media, exercising and cooking.

One of the things I like to do is create rooms or places where we live on the surface of an envelope, a bit like creating a room in a dolls house. Collected images of heavily patterned fabric or paper scanned or photographed, manipulated in Photoshop, to create a scaled down wallpaper or pattern to fit a mini interior. Then I turn it in to a transfer to insert into the scene drawn on the envelope. Slightly absurd I’m aware!

Bookish (The reader)

Picture above shows someone reading in an interior environment. Drawn on old envelope.

Way before we’d even imagined a life with quarantines and lockdowns I was given this old wallpaper sample book I’m going to use it to create some interiors.

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