Sometimes larger pieces of work are made from multiple envelopes and bits of this and that, large collages with hand drawing maybe some print and use of thread. I have been meaning to photograph some of these works for sometime to share on my blog

The piece above is called Moths and depicts moths flying towards a lightbulb and ricocheting away, it’s made from old banking envelopes folded and some of them have print or drawing on, I’ve also used stitch in a rather chaotic way, I thought this suits the furtive scribbly nature of moths.

Some of the images above are from my Covid19 commission for Salford University Collections I’ve done so many drawings for this, finding inspiration as I go along and consequently sometimes changing my path at times I feel inspired but at other times I feel I just don’t when to stop!

Below is a drawing of a Murmuration on three envelopes as one piece of work, a Triptych. This is an ink drawing repetitively drawing birds over and over again

Below is a large collage called Joy this shows magpies in a nest made from ephemera with hand drawing and stitching

Repeat repeat repeat

Working on a series of editions at Hotbed Press. One off mono screen- prints, the results are experimental and inspired by my drawings.

Printing a few small marks over and over again to see what happens, each screen-print will (eventually) have an unruly shape on it, achieved by repeat printing, turning the screen slightly each time I print so the marks are misaligned.

The marks are taken from the envelope drawings below created for Salford Museum Art collection Covid19 Commisions the drawing shows stats flying above an empty street.

#Uosartcollection #hotbedpress

Back of the envelope

Back of the envelope:- a phrase meaning to calculate and work things out. It is inferred that our light bulb moments come from rough doodles on a throw away scrap of paper, when doodling on a piece of paper of no value your mind is free to do your best work.

Drawing on envelopes to repurpose paper that has touched our lives but has then been discarded and forgotten, but not always entirely some stored beneath floorboards, in disorderly piles on shelves and crammed into the back of cabinets, by strange people like me who can’t throw things away.

Attaching importance to inanimate objects is something that all human beings do, the question is what are the important ‘things’  it is inevitable that things become throwaway eventually. With a thrifty temperament and collector’s disposition it’s natural to amass great piles of envelopes and begin a journey to scribble, squiggle and sketch onto an old envelope.

Patterns and plush velour sofa, chair, settee or a three piece suite… sofa so good or a blustery bus stop. Pictures observing pause a moment to reflect, a temporary stop, reset your batteries.